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Misty (1976)

Devilz : Mon, 13 May 2013 15:01:01 ( 1014 Views )  
Misty  / AKA
Genre Drama
Director(s) Joseph W. Sarno
Writer(s) Joseph W. Sarno
Studio Olympia Film Industries
Country USA
Cast Mary Mendum , Jennifer Jordan , Jamie Gillis , Jennifer Welles , Eric Edwards , Carol Adams , Chris Jordan , Douglas Wood , Fred J. Lincoln , Julia Sorel , Helen Madigan , Carly Robbins
Plot "Misty" is another rare erotic 1975 film from Sarno. A well-chosen cast of mostly adult film stars, including Rebecca ("The Image") Brooke, Eric Edwards, Jennifer Welles, Jamie Gillis, Chris Jordan, Fred ("Last House on the Left") Lincoln, and Sara Nicholson (who may have been on some '70's t.v. programs under another name), proves they can act as well as take off their clothes. While Jennifer Welles gets star billing, her role is actually supporting and she appears in only about one-third of the 106 minute running time. The real star is Rebecca Brooke, who made "Little Girl, Big Tease" and two to three other Sarno films in and around 1975. The titular character, Misty is a young woman who ends up in a seaside town during a rainstorm, claiming to be searching for her mother, and she is often scared, sad, humorous, wise, and lascivious without being trashy or unwelcome, and Brooke manages to convey all of these emotions, mostly with her facial expressions, and her stunning looks are downplayed for the most part here. She truly shows an interest in the role she plays, and her performance in a scene on a beach between her and Edwards -- full of Sarno dialogue but no nudity or sex -- is worthy of the highest critical praise. The film is overlong and contains almost no background music, but this film will appeal mostly to Sarno fans anyway, as it is a virtual remake of Sarno's 1970 "The Young Erotic Fanny Hill" only this production is more polished. The version under review is softcore, and the film appears to have been shot softcore.
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