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Orgia das Taras (1980)

Devilz : Wed, 29 May 2013 17:11:02 ( 1052 Views )  
Orgia das Taras  / Depravação: Orgia das Taras AKA Depravação: Orgia das Taras
Genre Crime
Director(s) Luiz Castellini
Writer(s) Luiz Castellini
Studio Fauzi A. Mansur Cinematográfica, GS Publicidade, Virgínia Filmes
Country Brazil
Cast Patrícia Scalvi , Matilde Mastrangi , Flávio Porto , Lu Martan , Sérgio Hingst , André Lopes , Celina de Castro , Isa Mark , Pericles Campos , Noelle Pinne , Eleu Salvador , Crayton Sarzy , Vera Mancini , Márcio Duarte , Teresa Rodrigues
Plot In the brothel of Jandira, there is a fight and the stranger Wilson is rescued by the local Marcos that brings him to his camp house. On the next morning, Marcos offers the job of lookout of his warehouse where he keeps a supply of fibers. Soon Wilson discovers that Marcos is a drug dealer that supplies São Paulo. When Marcos brings his sexy wife Silvia to the house, she seduced Wilson as part of a scheme to lure Wilson. Then Marcos pretend to find that Silvia is cheating him with Wilson and he shots Marcos with a weapon loaded with blankets as part of his frame-up.
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